What Are The Types Of Check Valves

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Overview of check valves

Sanitary Check Valve is also called one-way valve, reverse flow valve and back pressure valve, etc. It refers to a valve that relies on the flow of the medium itself to open and close the valve disc to prevent the medium from flowing back.

Types of check valves

1. Check valves can be divided into five types according to the material: cast iron check valves, brass check valves, stainless steel check valves, carbon steel check valves and forged steel check valves.

2. Check valves can be divided into three categories according to their structure: butterfly check valves, lift check valves and swing check valves. And these three categories can be divided into vertical check valves, straight-through check valves, single-flap check valves, multi-flap check valves, butterfly single-flap check valves and butterfly double-flap check valves.

3. According to the connection form, the above check valves can be divided into four forms: flange connection, threaded connection, clamp connection and welding.

After introducing so much, I believe everyone has some understanding of the types of check valves. Everyone can choose the type of check valve they need according to their actual situation.

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