How To Prevent Sanitary Valves From Rusting

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In coastal areas, when the sea breeze blows directly, Sanitary Valve will also rust in a short time, and even rust faster than other areas. Coastal areas should use more corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and clean it several times a year as much as possible. When the valve is rusted or rusted due to iron powder, you can wipe it with a sponge or cotton cloth dipped in a neutral detergent or soapy water. At this time, the rust can be easily removed. Be sure not to leave the cleaning liquid on it.

As for the rust removal of the degree just mentioned, as long as it can be removed in time, it will not only be easier in future maintenance, but also very effective, and the removal cost is not particularly high. However, if you ignore it, then the sanitary valve will soon be seriously rusted. At this time, you can use stainless steel cleaning fluid to clean it. Of course, there are rusts that cannot be removed, and it will also damage the surface of the stainless steel. At this time, you can wipe it with sandpaper or a brush first, and then clean it with a cleaning agent.

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