Pipe Fitting Bonding Precautions

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There are many ways to connect pipe fittings, including bonding. So what should we pay attention to when bonding pipe fittings? Before bonding, we need to confirm whether the quality of the adhesive and pipe fittings meets the standards, and confirm that the pipe fittings are dry and easy to bond. Then we need to keep the construction site well ventilated and dry, and construction workers and nearby personnel are prohibited from smoking during construction.

In order to ensure that the size of the socket is consistent, Sanitary Valve should be tested to avoid accidents. Finally, draw a line of adhesive length and insertion depth confirmation line on the pipe and start the bonding operation. During the operation, the pipe fittings should be bonded to the pipe immediately after applying the adhesive to prevent the adhesive from drying and reducing the effect. After bonding, wipe off the excess adhesive, and the pipe cannot be operated within 24 hours, such as water flow, pressure testing, etc.

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