Sanitary Pipe Fittings Maintenance

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In order to avoid premature damage and aging of sanitary pipe fittings and reduce economic losses, we need to maintain the pipe fittings regularly to extend its service life and ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, we only need to maintain the pipe fittings once a month, but in some equipment that has just been used, maintenance is required within half a month. When checking the pipe fittings used as fasteners, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe fittings are not loose or displaced, and check whether the sealing ring is damaged or aged. If the above situation occurs, it should be replaced and repaired in time.

According to different functions, Sanitary Valve is divided into many different types to meet different fields. The maintenance methods of pipe fittings in various occasions are also different. In addition to the methods mentioned above, a pipe fitting maintenance system can be formulated according to the actual situation and handed over to a dedicated person.

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