Sanitary Valve Corrosion

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Sanitary valve corrosion is the damage to the valve metal material under the influence of the medium or working environment. The temperature of the working medium, the strength of the chemical properties, the speed of the flow rate and other factors determine the severity of the valve corrosion. If the corrosion is serious, the valve will be completely scrapped, affecting the normal operation and safe production of the equipment, so valve corrosion prevention is a very important thing.

Because the specific cause of valve corrosion is difficult to determine, it becomes very difficult to prevent valve corrosion. For example, some media are not strongly corrosive to valves at ordinary times, but when they meet certain conditions, they will become very corrosive. The main methods to prevent valve corrosion include adding corrosion inhibitors, electrochemical treatment, metal surface treatment, etc., which will not be introduced here one by one.

I hope that after reading the above information, you will have a deeper understanding of Sanitary Valve corrosion, and you can pay attention to valve corrosion and save the cost of replacing valves.

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