Selection And Precautions Of Sanitary Safety Valves

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Sanitary Valve is an overpressure protection device, mainly used on pressure equipment such as pipes and pipelines, and plays a protective role for equipment and life safety.

When selecting a safety valve, you should combine the actual situation. For example, for general toxic or flammable and explosive media, you should choose a closed safety valve; when the equipment discharge volume is not large, choose a spring safety valve, otherwise choose a full-open safety valve; choose in combination with the working pressure range of the equipment and the safety valve; to ensure the discharge of the medium and stabilize the pressure, the discharge volume of the selected safety valve must be greater than the discharge volume of the equipment.

Precautions for sanitary safety valves

1. The safety valve should be specially tested before installation and its sealing should be checked.

2. Safety valves in use should be checked regularly

3. There should be no resistance at the outlet of the safety valve to avoid pressure.

4. All kinds of safety valves should be installed vertically.

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