What Are The Certification Standards For Sanitary Valves

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What are the certification standards for sanitary valves?

Sanitary Valve is a special valve. The difference between it and ordinary valves is that its use environment is different. The materials of sanitary valves are mostly made of high-grade stainless steel, so their own hygiene level is higher. Of course, not all valves made of stainless steel can be called sanitary valves. Sanitary valves need to be certified.

Different regions use sanitary valves and have different certification standards. Common standards include ASME-BPE (Bio-Processing Equipment) in the United States and EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment & Design Group) in Europe.

Process related: In addition to the above two responsible for equipment design, the US FDA and USP mainly focus on the use of materials, the entire equipment process, and how to certify and implement. FDA is divided into two parts: GMP and PAT. The main standards involved are 3A and FDA. 3A focuses on equipment design while FDA focuses on materials, processes and certification.

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