Precautions For Installing Sanitary Valves

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Precautions for installing sanitary valves

1. Before installing Sanitary Valve, make sure that the sanitary valves meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

2. When transporting and installing sanitary valves, be careful to prevent accidents of bumps and scratches

3. Before installing sanitary valves, clean the inside of the pipeline to remove impurities such as iron filings to prevent foreign matter from being mixed in the sealing seat of the sanitary valve. In addition, the sanitary valve should be closed during installation.

4. When lifting the valve. The sanitary valve should be lifted correctly at the designated lifting position, and the sanitary valve should not be lifted or pulled only under local force.

5. When installing sanitary valves, confirm whether the medium flow direction, installation form and handwheel position meet the requirements.

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