Bulkhead Stainless Steel Weldless Compression Home Brewing Replacement Repair Accessory Fitting

Place of Origin:
Wenzhou, China
Suitable Packing for Sea/Air Transport
T/T, L/C, Western Union

Bulkhead Stainless Steel Weldless Compression Home brewing Replacement Repair Accessory Fitting

The  Triclover (TC) weldless bulkhead flange allows you to add a TC port to any tank or kettle with absolutely no welding or soldering.
These are extremely high quality pieces machined out of 304SS and polished to perfection (except for the locknut which is cast finish SS304.
The silicone O-ring is included and gets captured in a groove like our other True Bulkheads.
Add a TC flange to virtually any vessel! Just drill a hole and tighen the locknut with 2pcs Food grade gaskets.
The front of the flange does not have flats for a wrench. The easiest way to hold the flange for tightening is to clamp any other TC parts on with the gasket and clamp. Once tight, you can insert a long rod or screw driver into the hole of the wingnut.


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