Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotor Pump

Place of Origin:
Wenzhou China
Suitable Packing For Sea/Air Transport
1000 PCS Per Year
T/T, L/C, Western Union
SS304, SS316L

Sanitary Stainless Steel Rotor Pump 

The pump is a positive displacement lobe rotor pump designed according to 3A standard with a very strict hygienic requirements to equipment and processes. 

The pump is ideal for the transfer of viscous as well as low-viscous media in the food-processing, cosemtics and pharmaceutical industries. 

  • The pump basically consists of two lobe rotors which rotate inside the casing without touching each other. 
  • As the rotors rotate, the space between the lobes and the casing is successively filled with the product which is driven to the discharge nozzle displacing a fixed amount of product. 
  • The pumped product forms a continous stream due to the adjusted tolerances of the lobes and the pump casing thus ensuring an efficient pumping. 
  • Horizontal TUL Series 
  • Bare-shaft construction 
  • Tri-lobe rotors 
  • Hygienic design of the attachment of the rotors 
  • Sanitary mechanical seal, internal assembly 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance 
  • Connections: Clamp (standard) 

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