V-Band Clamps and Flanges –V-Band Assemblies

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V-Band Clamps and Flanges -V-Band Assemblies

V-band clamps are widely used in the tube coupling in many industries, sucH as Vehicle Turbocharger, Engine, Exhaust system and Agricultural irrigation,

Food and Chemical, etc.. Standard and Quick-released V-band clamps are available.


Rich configurations on both T Bolt and Nut and match various application even critical like high temperature, high vibration....

V-Band Clamps and Flanges –V-Band Assemblies

  • Whole stainless steel and resistant to corrosion
  • Positive sealing integrity
  • Easy assembly and dis-assembly
  • Good welding and physical performance
  • Thickened v retainer can guarantee perfect clamping force.
  • Thread galling free


V-Band Clamps and Flanges –V-Band Assemblies parameter

V-band flanges are very easy to install and disassemble, have excellent performance leak-proof, can be applied in a extreme environment like corrosive, high temperature and vibratory. Our flanges are manufactured with forged stain-less steel blanks and then fine finished, this kind of processing can be ensure good physical performance, good welding and sealing Porperty.


  • Forged raw material can make better mechanical and welding property.
  • Raw material is optional, like stainless steel, aluminum,mild steel, titanium, etc.
  • Male/Female interlocking design

V-Band Assemblies