Sanitary Valve Selection

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Sanitary valve selection

Sanitary Valve is used in some factories or manufacturers with relatively high requirements for sanitary levels, such as food, pharmaceutical and other enterprises. Usually sanitary valves are made of stainless steel and are divided into two categories: domestic and imported.

Imported sanitary valves refer to valves whose valve bodies are made of stainless steel that meets sanitary standards, and whose polishing and cleanliness must meet sanitary standards. They are mainly used in pipeline systems in the food, beer, beverage and biopharmaceutical industries.

We can choose different types of sanitary valves according to different purpose requirements.

1. When the pipelines of food, beverage and biopharmaceuticals need to observe the flow and flow of the medium in the pipeline at any time, imported sanitary straight-through sight glasses and imported sanitary quick-install sight glasses must be selected.

2. At a certain position in the pipeline, in order to cut off or adjust the flow and switch of the medium, imported sanitary butterfly valves, imported sanitary ball valves and imported sanitary diaphragm valves can be selected. Generally, in sanitary occasions, in order to prevent pollution caused by installation, the most commonly used connection methods are clamp quick-install and thread.

3. When remote control is required in the system pipeline of food, beverage, and biopharmaceutical, automatic control is required. Generally, pneumatic control is adopted, including imported sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve, imported sanitary pneumatic ball valve, and imported sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve.

4. When it is necessary to prevent the backflow of beer, beverage, and biopharmaceutical media, imported sanitary flange check valves, quick-install check valves, and threaded check valves should be used.

5. In some food sanitary pipelines, sometimes the media needs to be exchanged in two directions. At this time, imported sanitary three-way ball valves are used.

6. In sanitary storage tanks or pipeline systems, sometimes the pressure is unstable, and a device is needed to protect the automatic pressure relief in overpressure, and timely protect the safe and normal operation of other equipment. Imported sanitary safety valves are used.

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