Sanitary mixing proof butterfly valve

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Sanitary Mixing Proof Butterfly Valve


  • Purity and safety
  • One butterfly disc, two seals
  • Leakage is visiable
  • Zero risk of contamin

Sanitary mixing proof butterfly valve


The mixproof butterfly valve as a process element for the separation of media is suitable for a variety of applications

In CIP systems, for separating CIP media

  •  In flush-out processes
  •  In water management
  •  As pipe section shut-off valve for separating media
  •  In CIP/gas management (breweries)
  • At storage tanks for separating product/CIP
  • As CIP return valve in a valve matrix
  • Preferably suitable for liquid and gaseous media withoutsuspended matter/particles

Technical Sepcifications

  • Size : DN50-DN 1 00, 2"-4"
  • Material : 1, 4404/1. 4301 304/316L
  • Max temperature :-10℃-130℃
  • Max pressure : 10bar
  • Operation : pneumatic/manual interchangeable
  • Control box : C-TOP basic, C-TOP+AS-1 communication
  • Seal : EPDM (standard) FPM/SILICON/NBR, FDA177. 2600

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