3 Things You Should Know When Choosing the Sanitary Valves

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3 Things You Should Know When Choosing the Sanitary Valves

Remember That Function Determines Design
Manufacturers design every type of valve to perform one or more basic functions. These include adjusting, shutting off, diverting, and mixing flow. Valves can also relieve pressure and prevent backflow.
Determining which functions you need your valve to handle is a good way to slim down your options to those that best fulfill your needs. Some of the most common valves include ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, divert valves, and regulating valves.

Think About Performance Requirements
The next tip to choose the perfect sanitary valve is to consider the performance requirements you have for the valves. You’ll want to determine the pressure and temperature requirements the valve will need to contend with. For example, metal valves tend to withstand higher temperatures and amounts of pressure than plastic valves. Thus, stainless steel is one of the more desirable materials for valves.

Consider the Maintenance Needs
Also, consider the ongoing maintenance needs that a valve will have after you’ve bought and installed it. Paying attention to a valve’s maintenance requirements is necessary to ensure the valve’s reliability and application stability. For instance, keeping it clean will be a daily occurrence. Metals like stainless steel will be the easiest to care for since they lack pores for dirt and grime to get into and are thus easy to wipe off. Stainless steel is also famous for being highly resistant to corrosion that dirt and grime cause.

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